What George Did

“How’s Dori doing?” George asked his brother. “She hasn’t come to see me yet.” Mike shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Despite the tropical location, the beach, and the nearby bar, Mike just couldn’t relax. “Everyone is dealing with this in their own way. I’m not sure coming here was the best idea,” Mike said. “You […]


The old man stares at the upright storage unit in the corner. He can still remember the ads. Need a short break from the constant whining and fighting? Try our new Time Out Spot! Kids will relax in a state of pure calm while you… …Mow the lawn! …Catch up on work at home! …Even […]

Call for Me

This is another dream based microfiction story, similar to the story 3:13. “Grandma?” She was the last person I was expecting to be on the other end of the phone. “Yes, it’s your grandma. How are you doing, honey? How are the kids?” I fall into a nearby kitchen chair and wave my wife over. I […]


Leaning in with my eyes closed, I breathe him in. I open my eyes, relax, and sigh his scent back out. He doesn’t quite smell the same out here. It could be the hospital, his diet combined with a glandular condition, or maybe just my own basic perception. Most likely, it’s the small confines of […]


The young woman drove her red compact sedan as she had done for nearly every weekday for the past five years.  The car zipped along wooded backroads in the morning hours and passed through various small towns.  Coffee steam rose quietly through a small hole in her steel mug and quickly vanished in the breeze […]

The Spark

The old man walked over to the rocking chair, which had worn lines into the wood of his front porch. Easing into the chair, he pushed his long white beard against his chest as he had done for nearly every day over the past two decades. The porch overlooked acres of farmland that were his […]


This one is actually based on a true story from the other night. I awoke with a start, but wasn’t afraid. Briefly, my brain assessed my surroundings and quickly determined that I was just in my ordinary bed with my wife lying next to me. Still half asleep, I looked over her across the room […]

The Cliffs at Dragon Mountain

Standing on the cliff with the moon being quickly enveloped within the storm clouds, the young girl wonders what she has wrought. The grass blows in pulsating waves like liquid marble, giving her vertigo. As she dizzily teeters towards the steep drop, an ancient hand grabs her cloak from behind. She is spun around and […]